Lanson B. Jones - Houston Landscape Architect - Company History

Lanson drafting in the Château de Pourtalès in 1978 in Strasbourg, France

From an early age, Lanson was fascinated with design. This natural creativity was manifested in model building, jewelry design and art classes at the Glassell Museum.

As a student of landscape architecture at Texas A&M, Lanson traveled around Europe touring some of the world’s most famous gardens and architectural designs. The European landscape inspired Lanson and he developed a strong connection to historical spaces which still guide him today.

Lanson began his career at Fred Buxton & Associates as an associate landscape architect before joining McDugald Steele where he was the vice president of design of and a part of more than 50 award-winning projects.

Over the years, LBJ assisted with landscape construction plans and maintenance of the Johnson Public Library, Alley Theater, River Oaks Country Club, Lamar High School, ProVision and A.D. Players. While speaking to a local group of landscape architects, Lanson developed a vision for a company that would connect his work, travel, and studies. Lanson B. Jones & Company was established in 1994 – a landscape architecture firm based on his signature specialty: The European Scaled Garden design style approach.

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