This Will Change Your Tree’s Life

by Michelle Trejo

Deep-Root Tree Feeding

Lanson B. Jones | Deep-Root Tree Feeding

Early fall is the perfect time to give your trees some TLC.

“It is important for us to walk a property and see what a particular tree is needing. Different trees have different requirements. The single best thing you can do to keep your trees healthy is to provide a supplemental deep-root fertilization.”

-Eric Grayson, Commercial Pesticide Applicator

Is deep-root tree feeding in Houston necessary?

Yes! Deep-root tree feeding is necessary if you want to vastly improve your soil.

What is deep-root tree feeding?

Deep-root tree feeding is a process of punching holes in the ground to deposit nutrients directly into the root zone. By doing this, we recreate the environment of the forest floor with a well-balanced 3-1-2 fertilizer. The organic mixture is then inserted 2.5-3 feet under the canopy of your tree with an 18 inch probe.

Deep-Root Tree Feeding
Deep-Root Tree Feeding by Lanson B. Jones & Co.

The process incorporates soil conditioners.

Our proprietary deep-root recipe includes several additional ingredients such as: fish emulsion, kelp, humic acid, yucca, plant extracts and root stimulators. These conditioners create a more healthy, sustainable environment which will continue to support your tree in the months following.

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