Spectacular Spring Garden Tips

by Lanson B. Jones & Co.

Spring breathes new life, bringing out the most beautiful and colorful blooms and allowing your outdoor spaces to reach their full potential.

We all want our homes to be seen in the best light but with seemingly endless creative ideas out there, we may not know where to begin. To make your outdoor decisions easier, we’ve collected a few our favorites garden ideas for some quick inspiration!

Container Gardening for Tight Spaces

Don’t let limited outdoor space prevent you from having the garden of your dreams. Container gardening is a great trick to have a unique and low maintenance garden in a small space.

These rectangular contemporary planters add height, dimension, and color to this tight side garden, that the owner and neighbors will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Contemporary Garden Designs

Contemporary gardens allow you to have a clean, organized, and useful outdoor space. The use of unadorned materials creates a setting that not only feels clean and contemporary but art-centric and personalized as well.

Imagine turning your garden into an outdoor art gallery. Pick your favorite art pieces and place them amongst your contemporary canvas and voila! A personal art gallery with focal points on some of your favorite art pieces.

Cozy Outdoor Rooms

If you are someone who loves spending time outdoors, consider a garden design with multiple “outdoor rooms” to enjoy.

Designing your garden so it has balanced and proportional rooms will allow you to control the views of your garden, mirror the patterns on and in your home, and create centerlines and focal points.

Whether you want a pool pavilion and a rose garden, or a Zen garden for you and a play area for the kiddos, your backyard can have special customized “outdoor rooms” to accommodate all your outdoor needs.

Get Creative With It

Spring gardens are all about colorful blooms, so why not go for a fun design that represents all things spring? Get creative with the placement of spring blooms to create an eye-catching design.

This rooftop terrace butterfly design was created with a tall pink and red tulip combo, the varied colors and heights of the materials create more textural and visual interest.

Keep the design all year-round and switch the blooms seasonally for fun of the moment design!

For help designing your dream garden, give us a call at 713.667.0709, or follow us on Instagram @lansonbjonesandco, to see more of our favorite design elements.

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