Winter Seasonal Color

by Rachel Gibbs

Lanson B. Jones | Team
“Hi, I’m Rachel Gibbs and I'm one of the landscape designers at Lanson B. Jones & Company! The weather is great this year and our seasonal color is looking perfect. Here are my selections as well as a few custom color packages I've designed for this winter! " Rachel Gibbs

Seasonal Color Bar Selections

Cyclamen, Dianthus, and Pansies, OH MY!  These species thrive in Houston winters and these specific varieties are looking fantastic at the grower this season!

Seasonal Color Bar
Winter Seasonal Color | Lanson B. Jones

Custom Color Packages

When you have several areas for seasonal color in your landscape, it’s great to mix it up. These combinations are strong selections this growing season and compliment each other well for the holidays!

Custom Color Packages
Winter Seasonal Color | Lanson B. Jones


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