Rose Care Tips For Houstonians

by Lanson B. Jones

Roses can be finicky... but if maintained properly, they can be ‘the icing on the cake’ in your garden. Whether you already grow roses or are starting, we hope you find these tips helpful! Lanson B. Jones

1. Use a rose soil mix

Roses need special care and require a specific kind of organic rose mix. Roses also prefer a pH that is between 6.5 and 7, which is slightly acidic to neutral (7 being neutral).

Rose Soil Mix
Rose Soil Mix by Lanson B. Jones & Co.

2. Remember to fertilize them

Roses are hungry plants and need to be fertilized regularly to reach their full blooming potential. A natural based fertilizer with (like 5-5-5) works best.

Remember to Fertilize Them
Rose Fertilizer by Lanson B. Jones & Co.

3. Prune at a 45° angle

By pruning at a 45° angle, you can make sure water runs off the cut instead of collecting there. This helps prevent disease or mold from growing on your rose bushes.

Prune Angle
Prune by Lanson B. Jones & Co.

4. Water often and early

Most roses need to be watered daily. Set watering time completion prior to sunrise. Avoid fungal diseases like black spot by using drip irrigation to keep the leaves from getting wet.

Water Often
Roses by Lanson B. Jones & Co.
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