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Spring has sprung!

Spring is the ideal season to show off your home’s architectural personality. Here is how your garden can help! As we roll out Pt. 3 of our blog series, Architecture on Display: A Guide to Outside-in Design, we’ve put together our favorite ideas to help you achieve the perfect bond between your home’s architectural style and its garden design.

Naturally, your home serves as a reflection of your own style. We choose that perfect lamp because it fits perfectly with our personality or that true white paint color for our bedroom because we are obsessed with a clean look. It’s no different when it comes to our home’s garden design. The landscape should serve as a reflection of your home’s architectural personality.

One of the first things we do when we arrive on site is to walk through the home to study the views from the interior rooms and the elements that distinguish the architectural style. Every detail is taken into consideration to help create the perfect design. By applying key principles such as mirroring and patterning, photographic axis and vistas, and responding to elevation changes, the views from the interior and exterior will complement one another. Don’t worry, there is always room within our principles to add a unique touch!


Mirroring and patterning is a great way to extend the key features of your home to create a unifying effect in your garden. The subtle use of mirroring can bring a grand effect to a small area. In the picture below, we mirrored the arched windows with the repeated lawn pads and the columns were extended by lining boxwood on both sides of the lawn pads. This gave us a great view from the inside of the home!


Photographic axis and vistas are wonderful ways to highlight those memorable pieces you’ve been wanting to display in your garden. Whether a custom piece or an imported French sculpture a long gravel path is the perfect set up. An axis or vista can also elongate the view from an interior room or hallway.


At Lanson B. Jones we love elevation changes. It can give your garden much-needed variation as you move from one space to another. It can also showcase entryways and key features in your garden like a pool or fountain. You can use repeating material from your home’s exterior or new elements to complement existing material to achieve elevation change.


There is always room for a unique touch. Bringing in an out-of-the-box idea can create a fresh look. At the end of the day, you want to enjoy your garden and have it be a reflection of you! When creating a space the client will enjoy, we make sure the garden reflects their style and respects the flow of the architecture.

The architecture of your home deserves to shine!  Whether its Italian, French, modern, English or somewhere in between; following these key principles can bring out the very best of your home. What style is your home? We’d love to work with you to bring out the personality of your home!

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