French Courtyard Gardens-567

This contemporary landscape embodies french design with its striaght-lined geometric shapes, neatly trimmed hedges and shrubs, gravel for paving and a monochromatic color scheme. The backyard is centered around a wicker seating area in line with an outdoor fireplace and anchored on either side with identical fountains. Framed with Japanese Yews, trimmed boxwood hedges and Sandy Leaf Fig Ivy, this space is an oasis of greenery and tranquility.


  • Full Master Plan
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Fireplace
  • Fountains
  • Masonry
  • Driveway + Walkways
  • Lawns
  • Pergola
  • Custom Benches
  • Seasonal Color
  • Maintenance

French Courtyard Gardens-568
View from the side yard entering the courtyard. Japanese Yews and Sandy Leaf Fig Ivy separate the two spaces.
French Courtyard Gardens-743 French Courtyard Gardens-571
Left: Formal outdoor courtyard seating. | Right: Close up of finial fountain. Shows mexican beach pebbles and ornamental stone seal.
French Courtyard Gardens-570
View of finial fountain to show exact lines with pedestal planter of seasonal color. Blackstar gravel and and Sandy Leaf Fig Ivy frame the space.
French Courtyard Gardens-748 French Courtyard Gardens-577
Left: Season color in a concrete planter rests atop pedestals on either side of the outdoor fireplace. | Right: Close up of lion statuary.
French Courtyard Gardens-573
Stepping pads and gravel paths lead to the back side yard. Sandy Leaf Fig Ivy serves as ground cover throughout.
French Courtyard Gardens-574
Fig ivy grows up a concrete wall, serving as an element of visual interest from the view of one home window.
French Courtyard Gardens-575
Close up of fig ivy.
French Courtyard Gardens-576
View of formal outdoor seating area near outdoor fireplace.
French Courtyard Gardens-745 French Courtyard Gardens-583
Left: Side view of outdoor fireplace. Lion statuary and lanterns add to the symmetrical impact of this french-inspired courtyard. | Right: Close up of finial fountain.
French Courtyard Gardens-579
Dusty Miller with an array of seasonal color adds visual interest to this otherwise monochromatic courtyard.
French Courtyard Gardens-580
Succulents in a linear terra cotta planter rest atop the outdoor dining table near the courtyard.
French Courtyard Gardens-581
View of the courtyard with respect the symmetrical design. Blackstar gravel throughout.
French Courtyard Gardens-582
White snapdragons in full bloom.
French Courtyard Gardens-584
View of sideyard from courtyard.
French Courtyard Gardens-585
View of garage door. Stone stepping pads lead to gate and driveway was completed with a rock salt finish to add visual interest.
French Courtyard Gardens-586 French Courtyard Gardens-749
Left: Wisteria climbs a side yard pergola. | Right: Cyclamen in a centered planter atop a stone pedestal. Sandy Leaf Fig Ivy line the stone patio.
French Courtyard Gardens-587
View of home from street corner. Trimmed hedges and Sandy Leaf Fig Ivy, line the wall while boxwoods and seasonal color anchor the corner.
French Courtyard Gardens-588
Symmetry and order are the heart of French landscape design.
French Courtyard Gardens-590
Custom stone bench mirrors another identical one in this french entryway.
French Courtyard Gardens-591
Custom stone bench sits on a concrete frame with a rock salt finish.
French Courtyard Gardens-592 French Courtyard Gardens-752
Left: Japanese Yew and Sandy Leaf Fig Ivy green up the corner of this courtyard entryway. A concrete stepping pad with a rock salt finish gives access to outdoor lanterns. | Right: Well appointed side yard with Blackstar gravel path and framed with Sandy Leaf Fig Ivy. Seasonal color adds a visual pop in both terra cotta pots as well as wall-mounted planters.
French Courtyard Gardens-596
Wood stained pergola offers shade to well appointed outdoor seating area. White azaleas and container planted seasonal color give this secret garden a playful appeal.
French Courtyard Gardens-595
View of the secret side yard from under the pergola. Blooming white azaleas add in informal element to this otherwise formal French garden.
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