English Courtyard Garden-558

This English courtyard garden in the Homewood Community of Houston both compliments the architecture of the home and is a beautiful example of how capitalizing on space can transform a landscape. Through creative design and attention to scale, this compact property is able to have an area for outdoor dining, a lawn for grandchildren to play and multiple evergreen fringe trees and seasonal color beds for added visual impact. Scalloped flagstone edges and borders of dwarf mondo grass reinforce the traditional English style of this garden.


  • Full Backyard Plan
  • Artificial Turf
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Stepping Pads
  • Seasonal Color
  • Maintenance

English Courtyard Garden-556
From the side gate, rectangular stepping pads lead to a secluded outdoor dining area and a perfectly shaped artificial lawn is framed by Japanese Yews, Dwarf Mondo Grass and Blackstar Gravel.
English Courtyard Garden-555
Synthetic lawn follows the scalloped corner of the patio creating a shapely, "floating" effect and Dwarf Monkey Grass surrounds the four corners for added texture.
English Courtyard Garden-562
Pennsylvania Blue Flagstone was used to create this scalloped-edge patio with elongated Chinese Fringe Trees anchoring the four corners. The furniture is refinished teak and fits perfectly in this focal outdoor dining space.
English Courtyard Garden-557
Two crowned synthetic lawn create individual "outdoor rooms". Prior to the project, the backyard was rarely used. Now, however, this home has a fantastic outdoor space that's not only beautiful, but provides a place for grandchildren to play and practice cartwheels!
English Courtyard Garden-561
Random rectangular Pennsylvania Blue Flagstone stepping pads create a natural bridge connecting the garden.
English Courtyard Garden-560
This repurposed planter has become a garden focal point. It holds Variegated English Ivy and White Vinca and is surrounded by hot, red-pink Vinca and flanked by red Penta, which are about to bloom as well.
English Courtyard Garden-563
A view looking back at the garden. In early spring, the Chinese Fringe Trees will be full of fluffy, white blooms.
English Courtyard Garden-559 English Courtyard Garden-739
Left: Cascading basket trellis is painted to match the fence and lined with coconut fiber. White Vinca and purple Homestead Verbena fill the planters and will cascade down the sides as it continues to grow. | Right: Fig Ivy has become a beautiful backdrop to the entrance of the garden. Soft Azaleas create a soothing foreground.
English Courtyard Garden-565
Beautiful Bevolo French Quarter lantern with scroll is immersed in the soft Fig Ivy.
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