Contemporary French Home-2281

The design of this contemporary English home by Jon Gilbreath created the perfect canvas for balancing casual and formal design. This project highlights the importance of creating designs that mirror a home’s architecture to ensure its landscape becomes a harmonious extension of the interiors. Our key goal was to meet the client’s personal needs of designing a dog-friendly landscape that embraces nature’s beauty and outdoor entertaining. We achieved this goal by creating a non-toxic landscape filled with soft colors and custom work that cohesively connects the home’s interiors and exteriors. English-style architectural design focuses on the entrance. Therefore, the use of complementing colors and shapes from the rich burgundy-red foliage of Bloodgood Japanese Maple trees to the sculpted Boxwood outlining rectangular beds of pink Kangaroo Paws, creates visual interest and a distinct entryway that intrigues guests. By carrying the home’s surfaces, such as limestone throughout the entryway and pool area develops an aesthetically pleasing exterior that embraces continuity. The limestone steps were painted by our skillful mason to match the home’s brick, create elevation, and reflect the copper canopy. In addition, the custom ironwork that mirrors the front canopy provides vine support and offers elegance and sophistication.  Strategic seating around the flagstone paving that surrounds the pool offers dynamic viewpoints. Manicured Boxwood hedges and tailored shrubs that are interwoven with Dwarf Yaupon Hollys trimmed in a bread loaf shape anchor the viewpoints. Together, these design elements create an elegant European oasis that is welcoming to all guests—even dogs!


  • Master Landscape Design
  • Custom Ironwork
  • Perforated Brick Wall Construction
  • Retaining Wall Construction
  • Custom Stonework
  • Drainage + Irrigation

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