It’s About Art

The European Scaled Garden design style guides our approach to landscape architecture.

The 4 Architectural Styles

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    14th–16th Century

    It's all about the Arch

    The Italian Renaissance garden was among the first of the Renaissance gardens from which others across Europe were inspired, continuing today to provide a model for landscape architects around the world.

    Unlike the earlier Italian Medieval gardens enclosed by walls and dedicated to solitary serenity and the growth of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, the Italian Renaissance gardens were designed to provide an order and beauty that flows from adjoining structures and melds seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. They were created for both entertaining and reflecting—appealing to all of the senses.

    In the late Renaissance, they became larger and featured elaborate and ornate statues, grottoes, fountains and water organs. Garden features of the Italian Renaissance garden compliment the Palladian arch distinct in early Rome.

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    17th Century

    It's all about the Roof

    Inspired by the Italian Renaissance gardens, the French Renaissance gardens follow the same ideals of order, measure and proportion—a symmetrical and seamless garden connecting Chateaux to the landscape surrounding it

    It entails geometric planting beds known as “parterres,” mythological statues, grand fountains and water ways. Labyrinths and porticos compliment the unique French roof lines and add drama, fantasy and function to the sprawling gardens.

    Gravel pathways punctuated with potted plants weave strategically through uniquely defined green spaces. The French Renaissance gardens mirror the grandeur of the majestic structures and landscape from which they stem.

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    18th Century

    It's all about the Entrance

    Recognized today as beautifully unstructured collections of complimenting colors, stone structures and soft water sounds, the English garden also stemmed from early Italian Renaissance gardens—incorporating some French features before making it distinctly English. The English garden is balanced between the essence of casual and formal design.

    Going against the more formal grain of many historical gardens, the romantic era left an indelible mark on the English garden and what has become best known today for the English Cottage garden. These gardens, while continuing to reflect the art and literature of the era, embraced the romance and emotion invoked by the naturally landscaped gardens filled with soft colors and subtle purpose—rather than structured forms and lines.

    Among the most famous English cottage garden was designed by French impressionist painter, Claude Monet. In this case not only was life imitating art, but his art imitating his landscape designs and water features.

    The English garden compliments the distinct entryways of English architecture, with a visual appeal that stretches warm and welcoming to visitors.

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    19th–21st Century

    It's all about the Lines

    Today, contemporary gardens represent an easy expression of the families and visitors enjoying them. A relaxed order combines classical and flowing lines, aesthetic appeal and function, personal elements of style and a bit of interior design extended to the outdoors.

    While complimenting the surrounding structure and extended landscape, the Modern Garden plays with materials, colors and form. These gardens seamlessly integrate technology to facilitate outdoor living spaces that today serve many purposes. European-inspired and scaled to the space, its history and personality, Contemporary gardens also distinctly reflect the personality of property owners and their lifestyle.

The 3 Ps

We strive to create a story through architectural design that is reflective of classical and historical roots. We achieve this by focusing on three specific personality points:

  • Personality Of The Client
  • Personality Of The Architecture
  • Personality Of The Site

As a full service firm, Lanson B. Jones & Co considers the integrity of the architecture a central facet to creating inspirational outdoor spaces. In addition to design services, we also proved maintenance, application for disease and pest control, minor planting adjustments, irrigation installation and repair, and seasonal color. Whether it is a basic yard clean up or an entire master plan, we are committed.

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The 8 Design Guide Points

Each of the four Architectural Styles, when combined with the The European Scaled Garden philosophy, represents perfect symmetry and proportion. Each garden design combines art, architecture, and functionality by following The Golden Ratio and the use of:

  • Photographic Axis And Vistas
  • Interior And Exterior Mirroring
  • Patterning Throughout
  • Formal And Informal Balancing
  • Outdoor Scaled Rooms
  • Controlled Views
  • Every Line In Garden Emphasis
  • Connectedness In All Guide Points

These elements are incorporated from creation to completion of each design.

Landscape Architecture - English Garden - Lanson B. Jones & Co.
Landscape Architecture - Design - Lanson B. Jones & Co.

An initial client meeting and site visit is set to determine project needs. A full and comprehensive Master Planning Approach is taken in order to move forward to the construction phase of the project.

  • Site Analysis & Measurement
  • Photographic Documentation
  • Rough Cost Estimate
  • Schematic Design
  • Construction Drawings
  • Engineering & Permitting
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