LUXE Readers’ Choice Awards

by Lanson B. Jones & Co.

Every year Luxe magazine hosts the RED (Residential Excellence in Design) Awards. The awards honor excellence and innovation in the best residential architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture projects across the country.

The most exciting part of the RED Awards is that this year, you get to vote for your favorites in the 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards! We selected three of our favorite projects from the past year to enter in the Landscape Design/Outdoor Living category. Scroll through to read more about the entries and be prepared to vote for your favorites before January 25th! (wink!)

Cozy Contemporary Home

This 6,338 square-foot English home exhibits a unique blend of formal and informal balancing, taking into account the traditional architecture of many homes in the surrounding homes.

The couple purchased the home and remodeled it to fit their personality. The jasmine located directly facing the street offered a solution to two problems: The large Oak trees lining the street, and the presence of cars opening their doors along the lawn.

Keeping the English styling of the home in mind, our firm used Spartan Juniper to line the front between low-lying boxwoods hedges. St. Joe brick was used throughout the design of the pergola and placement of the synthetic lawn. Double-Sided Cedar Wood fence was installed for privacy and pet security.

The idea behind the design of the project was to complement the newly remodeled home and turn it into a cozy contemporary retreat.

Contemporary Art Garden

Located in River Oaks, this 6,309 square-foot English home is the perfect contemporary art garden. Unique art pieces throughout the space make it feel like you’re walking through your very own art gallery.

The client’s special request of an all-white garden gives it a clean and elegant feel. We incorporated white seasonal color, white custom art pieces and all white furniture, which blended seamlessly with the landscape.

The design approach was to work around those elements making them the highlight point in every corner, letting the client appreciate the garden for what it is, a contemporary art garden.

The architecture of the house was very traditional while the client’s personal style was quite contemporary and individualistic. We were able to honor the architecture and bring our client’s personal style into the garden.

English Farm to Table

This 6,368 square-foot English home sits on a 14,400 square-foot double lot in the heart of Southampton.

The young clients requested an outdoor space for entertaining friends and family. The large yard made of a variety of Zoysia was to accommodate their small children and critters- bunnies, chickens and dogs.

Outdoor living space featuring a large outdoor kitchen and a fireplace made with the same custom brick used on the home, a half-Olympic sized pool with custom lighting was design for work and play, and silver plant material such as Elaeagnus and Texas Sage were installed to complement the warm gray tones of the gravel throughout the landscape.

This project was made with Houston summer memories in mind, that’s how the vision of this design came to be.

Click the link below to vote for your favorites! Feel free to share with friends and family!

2019 LUXE Readers’ Choice Awards

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