Welcome Jim to the Lanson B. Jones & Co. Family!

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“I really enjoy developing gardens for people to experience, customized to their personality. This brings a lot of joy and satisfaction into my creative process. There’s a real sense of accomplishment when I see that the client loves spending time in their garden.” Jim Jech

Jim Jech joins Lanson B. Jones & Co. with over thirty years of experience in landscape architecture and garden design.

After graduating from Iowa State with a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture, he started his career in Houston, working alongside Lanson for ten years at McDugald Steele. An Iowa native, Jim now lives in Cypress, Texas with his wife Deb. Besides visiting his son and two grand children in Corpus Christi, or his daughter in Austin, an ideal vacation for Jim would include hiking, kayaking, and visiting famous world gardens. Some of his favorite gardens are the Biltmore Estates in North Carolina, and Château de Vaux le Vicomte in France. His family graciously allows him to plan vacation detours to visit famous gardens in the area.

Jim Jech | Welcome to Lanson B. Jones & Co.
Welcome to Lanson B. Jones & Co.

Jim balances a desire to fulfill the client’s vision with a deep knowledge of landscape architectural history.

His love for studying the great gardens of the world along with thirty years of experience in Houston make him an expert in landscape design for our community. He loves to create visual drama through appealing geometric patterns — by adding elevation changes to Houston’s otherwise flat terrain, or by arranging trees into allee or bosque habitats. He loves to make the perfect garden for each client’s needs, and his greatest satisfaction comes from knowing the client is enjoying the space he helped create.

Welcome to Lanson B. Jones & Co.
Jim Jech & Lanson B. Jones | Lanson B. Jones & Co.

Lanson B. Jones & Company’s team philosophy and approach to design allows for Jim to work alongside Lanson, our design team, and project managers. Jim’s design experience has already been a tremendous asset to our team and clients.

From everyone here at Lanson B. Jones & Company: Jim we are excited to have you as a part of our design team!

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