Deep-Root Tree Feeding

by Michelle Trejo

Lanson B. Jones | Team
"It is important for us to walk a property and see what a particular tree is needing. Different trees have different requirements. The single best thing you can do to keep your trees healthy is to provide a supplemental deep-root fertilization." Eric Grayson

Is Deep-Root Tree Feeding in Houston necessary.?

Deep-root tree feeding is a process of punching holes in the ground to deposit nutrients directly into the root zone. By doing this, we recreate the environment of the forest floor with a well-balanced 3-1-2 fertilizer. The organic mixture is then inserted 2.5-3 feet under the canopy of your tree with an 18 inch probe.

Eric Grayson - Commercial Pesticide Applicator
Deep-Root Tree Feeding in Houston – Lanson B. Jones & Co.

Unlike forest environments, urban landscapes do not offer the immediate nutrients to your tree’s root zone and surrounding soil. Many nutrients are no longer present in urban or suburban landscapes. For example, leaves in the forest are nature’s way of providing deep-root feeding. As leaves are removed from urban and suburban landscapes, the tree’s future food is removed.

Another circumstance that may require deep-root feeding is when tree roots are covered by grass. When this occurs, the tree roots encounter difficulty feeding as it competes with the grass roots for nutrients. Therefore, deep-root feeding may be necessary to properly nourish your tree.

If you believe your tree is in need of deep-root feeding, please contact our office at 713.667.0709  or submit an inquiry to schedule your complimentary estimate.

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