Bouquet Breakdown

by Megan Chandler

Lanson B. Jones | Floral + Events
"Flowers are my truest passion. I love everything about them. The fragrance, the color, the textures. To make my passion your passion, I have broken down a summer bouquet based on stem so you can understand exactly what you're getting in your arrangement!" Megan Chandler



I like to start my bouquet with a heartier stem to anchor it. Anything with a woodier stem is good, like a Lilac, but in this instance I’ve chosen Protea. I love the meaning behind this South African based stem: change and hope.


Any girl loves a peony. These are romantic, and soft, but seasonally temperamental. Blooming mainly in the spring, these ample stems are a wedding favorite.


These soft petals come in a huge variety of colors. I love including this tangerine color to juxtapose the ruby shade of that Brenda Protea, the blush of the roses, and our pop of blue. These heartier, malleable stems also make great boutonnieres as they hold up very well to handling.

Garden Roses:

When peonies aren’t an option, certain garden roses make a great trade. In this bouquet, the blush and white garden roses are a softening stem and create a bit of romance among some of the stronger pieces I’ve included.


This is perhaps my favorite green of all time. There are many different varieties of Eucalyptus, but seeded (seen here) is my favorite. It’s wispy, textured, a great shade, and creates a great framework to most all arrangements and bouquets.


Our “something blue” here is this form of holly. There are over 250 species in this family, and they are all representative of different things, but are known for ancient uses as an anti-inflammatory. Here in Houston, we use them to add texture to our bouquets.

White Veronica:

This thin, wispy stem is a great inclusion for a softening white and green piece. Since it’s not a huge, blinding pop of white, but a simple statement, I like including Veronica for some texture.

White Majolica Spray Rose:

Now, this designer isn’t a huge fan of spray roses, but White Majolica is different. When these white (almost blush) petals bloom, they create a fluttering piece that is so feminine and soft – it’s as close to perfect as you can get.

There is nothing quite so romantic as a bouquet … and this summer collection of stems is a refreshing blend of that classic romance.


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