Best of 2018

by Lanson B. Jones

This has been an amazing year for Lanson B. Jones and Co., filled with beautiful Southampton gardens, contemporary Montrose oases, and trendy rooftop hangouts. If you have a little downtime, here are 3 of our most exciting projects from 2018!

Stunning Southampton Gardens

Taking into account the traditional architecture of many homes in the surrounding neighborhood, this English garden was designed with a unique blend of formal and informal balancing. The couple purchased the Southampton stunner and remodeled it to fit their personality and lifestyle. Perfectly complementing the newly remodeled home was the design inspiration for this cozy contemporary retreat.

Clean lines and lush plantings enhance the stunning home, creating the inviting curb appeal without fighting the architecture of the home.

The perfect step down onto the pet-friendly synthetic lawn was created by using St. Joe brick to complement the colors and style of the home. The use of the synthetic lawn, clean stepping pads, and low plant material allows the back garden to retain its manicured look year-round.

Contemporary Montrose Oasis

This homeowner’s love of art was the inspiration for his contemporary oasis. The cozy Montrose backyard was designed to perfectly showcase the owner’s custom sculpture. Decorative gravel was placed to add focus to its uniqueness, while star jasmine was planted to add a soft earthy background.

To add warmth and an organic feel to this contemporary design, a custom Live Oak step and two plank benches were installed.

Rooftop Hangout

The inspiration behind the Bell Heights rooftop design was to create a native Texas landscape getaway for the homeowners. The paramount goal of the rooftop was relaxation, which includes amenities such as a spa, putting green, fire pit, and outdoor cooking stations.

The developers carefully chose plant material that would be relaxing and would contrast one another in both color and texture. Perennials were selected to bloom during alternating times of the year, giving residents a pleasant view all year round.

We hope you had an amazing year and we look forward to sharing all that 2019 has in store. Follow us on Instagram to be sure you don’t miss a thing!

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